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Location | Bombinhas

Mapa Bombinhas
Bombinhas is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Brazil. There are more than 20 beaches with crystal clear waters and very white sand, next to the Atlantic Forest. A paradisiacal place on the coast of Santa Catarina, that makes up the set of beaches of Costa Esmeralda Catarinense, which are also characterized by tranquility, with vegetation of exuberant beauty.

Known as Ecological Diving Capital, its waters are conducive to the practice of modalities like apnea or scuba diving, with the guidance of specialized schools.
Bombinhas is the tip of a peninsula, with prominent relief, whose edge by its cuts has characteristic of an island, surrounded by beaches and coasts. Boat rides or schooners provide a wonderful look.

Near its coast are the islands of Welsh, Deserta, Macucos and Arvoredo, where is also located the ecological reserve that bears the same name.
They add to the natural beauties the cultural aspects of the Azorean population, which still preserves old habits, such as handmade mullet fishing in the months of May and June; The artisanal production of cassava flour, sugar and sugar cane in Vila do Engenho.

Tourist Attractions in Bombinhas

Apart from being an attraction in itself and attracting visitors from all over the world, Bombinhas is part of a set of beaches that form the Costa Smeralda (also counting Porto Belo and Itapema) and geographically close to many tourist cities:

70 km from Florianópolis; 58 km from Nova Trento and Mother Paulina; 70 km from Brusque; 80 km from the caves of Botuverá; 90 km from Blumenau; 30 km from Balneário Camboriú; 120 km from Pomerode, the most German city in Brazil; 90 km from San Francisco, one of the oldest Brazilian cities, founded in 1504; 132 km from Joinville, the city of flowers and 40 km from St. John the Baptist, the third shoe pole of the country.

Shopping Options

The varied trade contributes to the composition of the ideal scenario for harmonious coexistence between nature and everyday life. Shops, crafts and restaurants specializing in seafood or international food serve the most varied tastes and palates.

Bombinhas is close to centers of intense commerce, such as:

Brusque, Blumenau and Balneário Camboriú. By car or using outsourced itineraries you can visit all these places in one day and take advantage to buy products with factory prices.